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Aug 11, 2020

Tony and Daysi Tony, what do you LOVE about Daysi? “She is such a caring person and loves me completely.” Daysi, what do you LOVE about Tony? “He’s a good family man, caring, thoughtful and very sweet.” What is a perfect day together look like? “Having coffee together, going for a walk with the dogs […]

Aug 4, 2020

James and McKenzie | May 2020 James and McKenzie were our first wedding of 2020… our first sweet micro wedding. James and McKenzie had originally planned for a large Bay Area wedding but with the pandemic they decided to downsize and have a small intimate wedding, right in their backyard. They remembered what was most […]

Jul 28, 2020

Logan | Class of 2020

Jul 21, 2020

With the Marlette family I really pressed my luck. I trusted in the app whole-heartedly and BAM we got our 30 mins of no rain. Seriously, as I was driving to my location spot I couldn’t even hear someone I was chatting with on the phone… the rain was that loud! But aaaaaah the […]