Dec 27, 2010

Allyson and Jason | Davis Engagement Photographer

Allyson and Jason have the kind of love that radiates. It’s that tingly-affectionate kind that despite my camera and I being involved in their evening together, when they focused on one another, everything fades away and it’s just the two of them.

What was your #1 thought when you first saw each other?

Jason: “GOOD LORD!”

Allyson: “Thank God. He’s cute!”

Jason: “I love everything about Allyson. Really, there is a lot to list, but I’ll try to make it general. She is responsible and organized, I love her eyes, I love that she is a people person, I love that she is giving and she gives 110% to whatever she is doing.”

Allyson: “I love how Jason is laid back, he always makes me laugh (even when I’m in a terrible mood), I love his smile, I love that he is outgoing, I love that he is constantly teaching me new things and most of all I love that he is able to help me put life into perspective.”


Rival baseball fans! Love it!

Allyson and Jason, I am looking forward to your beautiful Summer wedding in Fairfield next year. Happy wedding planning!
To view more from Allyson and Jason’s engagement session, click here for a custom slideshow


  1. Your images are very nice, and I agree with Melanie…up in the tree is both creative and a beautiful shot!

  2. To see Allyson and Jason photography session, click the link above

  3. To view Allyson and Jason’s Wedding click on the link above.


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