Oct 6, 2010

Amanda | Sacramento, Lake Tahoe Portrait Photographer

We all need time time to play, right? As a photographer I believe it’s important to not only photograph for clients but for myself. Thinking outside the box and having a bit of artistic fun is important in crafting your skill. One of these play dates was just a few weeks ago. Every year Preston Castle in Ione holds a Photographer’s Day, allowing us and our models to roam around the castle. This was the first year I was finally able to attend. So, I put a shout out on Mariea Rummel Photography Facebook Page for model’s and snatched up my clients, Amanda and Lael. Thank you to everyone who responded! Preston Castle… is a little ERRIE! Ya, me and “haunted castles” do not mix well. I think I was looking over my shoulder more often then through my camera. But what a beautiful piece of Romanesque architecture! You’ll see a few exterior photos in Lael’s blog post.

First was, sixteen year old Amanda… and she KNOWS knows how to work it.

One of my favorites!

You are stunning girl!

Amanda, you were brilliant! Hope you enjoy the blog selection. Stay tuned for more.

Amanda’s hair is called the modern beehive and styled by Jessica Pingree



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