Mar 19, 2014

When Beau entered our world | Sacramento Birth Family Photographer

Being present at a birth is an amazing privilege and experience. You will forever hold ties to that family… to that Momma… to that little one.

On the evening of Wednesday, February 12th I received a text message from my brother in law, “I think she may need you sooner than later. The contractions are getting more intense and she seems to be having a harder time concentrating.” It was game time.

I was to play “doula” until the real doula, Erin arrived and then transition into the birth photographer role.

We walked.. made small goals… “Let’s just go 30 more minutes.”… In the shower, out of the shower… she loved leaning against the wall through her contractions.

Hannah was AMAZING! Despite her doubt in handling the pain… she labored on. 

At this point Hannah felt the need to push. We all looked at each other and thought, “Just an hour ago she was at 4 cm. There is no way she could be wanting to push.”

Sure enough, Hannah had gone from 4 to 9 cm in just over an hour! Amazing.

At one point, while Hannah was pushing she asked for me… I have to admit that a few tears weld up in my eyes. I handed my camera over to the Erin and she captured these two sweet photos of her and I below.

It’s amazing how, when a woman is laboring, that in between contractions she leaves us for a moment and goes into her own world… such a calm peaceful place.

Sweet Beau Hayes entered the world at 12:50 am on February 13th. He weighed 8.5 lbs and was 19 inches in length… my heart is full.


  1. Christy Jenkins says:

    So very touching, such a beautiful experience….

  2. Tai Burger says:

    Beautiful. I tear up each and Everytime I see these amazing pictures! Congrats on the new LOVE!

  3. Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici says:

    Made me cry. SO SO sweet.

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