Oct 27, 2011

BlackRapid Strap Review and Giveaway | Sacramento, San Francisco Photographer

During my first few years of photography I tried every kind of camera strap: neck strap, hand strap… even no strap and after months of neck and hand cramping I began my mission to finding the perfect one. During the process, I stumbled onto BlackRapid Straps and was sold and have been using their straps for three years now.

Then, last year I found out that BlackRapid recently came out with a Woman’s model the RS-W1 and was thrilled to be chosen to review it. I put this baby to the test! Since May I have been working this strap and analyzing its performance.


Don’t stop reading because at the end of this review there is something in it for you!

Let’s talk shop!

“The RS-W1 is BlackRapid’s introduction to designing a camera strap specifically for women. Part of the award winning R-Strap line, the RS-W1 is the world’s first camera strap that focuses on the perfect fit for the female. While maintaining the traditional “Built for Speed” design, our designers added a sleek curve highlighted with an elegant but slight pattern accent. This RS-W1 provides comfort, speed, and durability along with graceful styling.” -straight from their website and couldn’t be anymore true.

The Crazy Booth Photos you see below are BlackRapid’s RS-5 straps and the main difference I feel between the two is the curved accent. COMFY LADIES! After having one to two cameras strapped to you for a full day you can really start feeling the dig into the chest area. Not with the women’s model. Pure Comfort. I also noticed that and the amount of excess strap is minimal.  With the RS-W1 I didn’t have a great deal of strap left over after fitting to fold up and hide. The other models seem to be a bit longer due to it adapting to both men and women.

It still holds it’s “Built for Speed” design. Built for speed you ask? It’s the swift motion from your hip up to eye. Speedy! Another awesome feature that carries over is the fastener and connector which attaches to the base of the camera. The locking carabiner connects to the fastener and then to the camera for a strong reliable hold as it hangs from your hip.

One MAJOR tip: In the beginning I became frustrated with the shoulder strap moving on me. It is very important to have your bumpers (stoppers on either side of the camera) in the correct position to solve this problem… if you don’t, you will find your shoulder rest behind yourself all day long like poor Kurt below.

I personally put one of mine an inch behind my hip and the other where the shoulder strap begins. (like the photo below) This way the shoulder strap will stay in place with the weight of your camera body and lens…

and you find you will have an easy swooping motion up to your eye.

So now that I have you wanting one… why not get one for FREE. I am giving two away! One RS-7  Strap and One RS-W1 Strap.
Here is how you enter. Remember this contest isn’t just for professional photographers. If you want a strap for your personal camera, feel free to join in. There are FOUR different ways to win! Yes, you can enter into the contest FOUR times!
1. Go here and LIKE Mariea Rummel Photography on Facebook. Then on your Facebook page update your status with the following: “I want to win a @BlackRapidStrap from @Mariea Rummel Photography! You can too! Visit http://mariearummel.wpengine.com/black-strap-review-giveaway REMEMBER: You MUST tag Mariea Rummel Photography and Black Rapid Strap with the @ symbol so I can count your entry.
2. If you have a Facebook business page you can update your status with the post above and this will count as another entry.
3. Post the following update to Twitter: “I want to win a @BlackRapid Strap from @mariearummel”
4. Leave a comment below (Not in the FB feature. That will not count.) and tell me why you would LOVE to win a Black Rapid Strap.

The deadline for entries is Thursday, November 10th at midnight. Then on Monday the 14th, I will announce the winners on Facebook!

Best of luck and happy entries!



  1. Jackie says:

    I would LOVE a Black Rapid strap because I think it would make my life easier when photographing weddings! I find the neck strap annoying/uncomfortable and not using a strap at all scares me for the fear of dropping it.

  2. I have been looking at this strap for almost a year now and I kept putting it off thinking…awww it won’t help. So I haven’t used a strap at ALL…the thought of dropping my camera is a bit unnerving and I’d love love love to win this so that I can put my mind and camera usage at ease!!! I’m also not a tiny girl and the straight straps of my camera bag and other straps cutting across my body is VERY uncomfortable!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  3. I have been looking for a strap like this since May. I had three weddings in May and trying to carry two cameras with regular straps is such an annoyance because they constantly fall off your shoulder. This would be a welcome addtion to my life!!!Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one!

  4. Lizzi R. says:

    I would love to get my hands on one of these little babies, because I often shoot weddings with an amazing photographer, and she has one too. I am simply over come with jealousy…. ha ha!!

  5. Jen Stewart says:

    OOOOHHHH I’ve been wanting to try the black rapid strap!! 🙂 This strap has always intrigued me, but not having tried it out, I always hesitate on purchasing it. It seems so handy and I love the quick access. One question, does it “swing” on you as you bend down? That’s my only concern is the camera swinging as I bend down and crashing into something. Would love to hear if that’s an issue, and how you get past it if so.

    “Great question Jen. When I’m moving around and the camera isn’t in hand I lock down my camera to stay behind my hip by quickly moving the top bumper down. When bending and shooting the weight of the camera holds it in place.” -Mariea

  6. Ali says:

    I would love a Black Rapid RW-1 strap it will truly transform the way I shoot and hopefully reduce the aches and pains that come along with shooting a wedding.

  7. Lydia says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this version ever since it came out! Finally someone designing the perfect strap for women!

  8. christina harrison says:

    I would LOVE to win this strap! I have been looking around for the perfect strap and this sounds like the perfect fit!

  9. KryssiY says:

    LOVE this strap! It would work perfectly when Im taking photographs of the kids, pups, etc. The strap that I have has never been comfortable and it takes a beating on my neck.

  10. Mindy says:

    I 2nd shot a wedding with a photographer using this strap and just knew I needed to get one soon. I haven’t had the funds for it so would LOVE to win it here!

  11. I love the black rapid and already have one, but my wife took it because she loves it too! Winning one could be great! Lol

  12. Rck Menze says:

    Love the strap. Thanks for the article.

  13. Eryn Kesler says:

    I would LOVE to win one of these! I was just at a workshop, and all kinds of ladies were sporting them, and I was jealous!

  14. I’d love to win a Black Rapid strap to replace the one I misplaced. I have grown WAY dependent on my BlackRapid strap!

  15. Nicholas Cisko says:

    I would love to win a black rapid strap because one i am an amateur photographer just starting out. Money is tight and i would to get my hands on a black rapid to make my life easier when doing my photography. The computability of this strap will also help due to the fact the stock Nikon strap can sometimes be to tight around the body and uncomfortable.

    I would really love to win this strap to further my photography and to finally say i am a member of the black rapid family 🙂

  16. Premal Dhruv says:

    I take pictures as a volunteer at a Temple during many religious events. Also, photography has been my hobby for many years. Many times I carry two DSLR cameras during major events at the Temple. I know the pain of carrying two heavy cameras on each shoulder and how annoying and uncomfortable the factory straps are. Since I do not generate any $ from photography I try not to invest a lot of $ in this hobby of mine. R-Strap has been on my wish list since last 2.5 years. So I would love to win R-Strap.
    Thank you in advance.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

  17. I would LOVE to win a BlackRapid Strap. I’ve been a huge fan and coveted them for awhile now. It’d definitely be an upgrade from my stock Canon strap.

  18. mrhans1313 says:

    I love to win BlackRapid strap because it rocks 😉

  19. Thanh says:

    A Black Rapid strap would be a perfect fit for me! It would help me run after my kids and let me whip up that camera at lightning speeds to capture their adorable smiles!

  20. Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE to win a Black Rapid camera strap! My husband is a photographer and never uses a strap – which means that whenever I need to use the camera to capture the moments of our son’s life…I am petrified I am going to drop it! This strap looks awesome and I might even be able to get my husband to give it a try. 😉

  21. Nicholas Cisko says:

    Im really hoping for the black rapid strap! i never won anything and i think it would help me alot with my photography and help get rid of the annoying nikon strap i currently have!

  22. Sean M says:

    I would really like to win a Black Rapid strap!!Great design, I would love to have!!

  23. Jamison says:

    I’d like to try it without having to buy it! 🙂

  24. Hendrick Moy says:

    I’d LOVE to win the R7! this would be awesome for my achy back after weddings!

  25. Cathy Kurtz says:

    Id love to try one! I have a hand strap but I hate neck straps since I have a bad neck. Over the shoulder would work nicely!

  26. Tom Carfrey says:

    I’d like to win the women’s blackrapid strap, to spread the word of blackrapid to a friend! She needs to be introduced to this wonderful product

  27. The BlackRapid straps are the best strap out there as far as I been able to find. If I won I would pick the RS-W1 because I would give this to a special photographer friend of mine who could really use this and well she is on the busty side and a non curved doesn’t work and she still use a neck strap but her skin is sensitive and long wear causes lot of rashing for her and she is trying hard to make it as a photographer and have to save every penny… So would like to give her this gift.

  28. Roy Graber says:

    LOVE Black Rapid!!! So much could use that RS-7!!!!

  29. I REALLY need a new strap. Have heard these are great. My Nikon told me to enter to win, so here I am!

  30. Georgi Panev says:

    A RS-7 strap would be very helpful to me, as I like to shoot whenever I am travelling and the BR strap would offer me great comfort while doing that.I also wouldn’t need to constantly open my DSLR bag to get my camera, as it would just hang there, ready to capture some great moments, that otherwise I would miss.

  31. Andy says:

    I would love a black rapid to give me more freedom when shooting for long periods.

  32. Sheila Rose says:

    I need a BR strap… my cameras fight over the one I have.

  33. Oh well, where do I start … I got a new D7000 a few months ago, its my first DSLR after owning several semi-pro digital cameras and compacts … big jump from my last 35mm SLR … and immediately I found myself looking for a strap that would do justice to the camera and be functional … saw Black Rapid slings online and fell in love with them right away!!! they look so natural, and so at home with the cameras. I usually carry the D7000 and a SX30IS with me, and to have them on shoulder straps simultaneously is just a pain!!! moreover, I live in Pakistan – so buying a strap online and shipping it here is another pain!!! and ofcourse its not available here 🙁 … if only I can win a strap somehow! somewhere! somehow!

  34. A must have for event photographers!!!

  35. I keep hearing these straps are the best out there. I shoot weddings as well and have tried the one included with the camera and also no strap at all, but I’m afraid one of these days I might drop the camera and/or lens while switching lenses.

  36. Alexandre Santiago says:

    I just love BlackRapid because it makes the way we carry our camera so easy and leaves it ready to the action, just a move away.

  37. MC says:

    Black Rapid! You are in my wish list!

  38. an RS-7 would preserve my sanity when trying to manage a second camera on a shoot … and keep my cursing to a minimum 😉

  39. I would love to win a(nother) Black Rapid strap because then I could carry my slr with the long lens and my rangefinder at the same time!!!!!

  40. kelly says:

    I have been to the studio that makes these and I love them!!

  41. Hi Mariea!

    I am a HUGE fan of yours and I am a budding photographer. I just shot my first official wedding 2 weeks ago and it was hard! I admire you for your creativity and your work. Anyway, I have a Nikon D40 and it is really good for me and my abilities but I have a crappy strap! I have been looking into getting a new one and I know good equipment is *essential* but I know nothing about what is good, and then i saw THIS on your Facebook! Yay! I want to win so bad! Please chose me haha It would mean the world to me to get chosen by you! I WANT THIS! =)

  42. Sarah Cain says:

    I would LOVE to win a @BlackRapidStrap from Mariea Rummel Photography!!! I LOVE Mariea’s work and I know that she uses top of the line equipment so I know not only dose this product work, it is the best! If Mariea is not your top photographer then you have not seen her work and experienced her love for photography and people. Thank you Mariea for sharing your knowledge and I hope that one day I can own a business just like yours, keep on keeping on!!!! I am a photographer that is just starting off and equipment is so expensive so if I WON the BlackRapidStrap form Mariea Rummel Photography I would put it to GREAT use! I just signed a wedding today (along with doing 4 this next year….) and I would LOVE to have this strap to be able to use multiple cameras and have them quickly accessible ^_^ THANKS!!!!


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