Aug 13, 2013

Blake and Jennifer | Oak Farm Vineyards Wedding Photographer

Blake and Jennifer met at a youth group service in Roseville and their first date was on New Year’s Eve, attending a party with friends of their church.

“That was the first night Blake literally swept me off my feet and taught me how to swing dance. After that night, we spent the next few months taking it slow, getting to know each other and spending as much time as we could with one another.”

Three years later on a wharf in San Francisco, “Blake wanted to go on a walk along the wharf under the stars. It was dark and many of the sail boats on the ocean had hanging strands of lights that made the scenery even more gorgeous. Blake tried to direct my attention away from him by asking a question about the rope tied around the boat anchorage. Then he sat me down on the anchorage and as I turned around I saw Blake kneeling holding out a box with a ring. I almost started to cry. He said that we have shared so many wonderful memories together and that he hopes for many future memories with me as his wife. He said that he could not see life without me and asked if I would marry him. Of course, I jumped up and said yes… with tears running down my face!”

Blake and Jennifer’s wedding was held at Oak Farm Vineyards

Blake, what do you LOVE about Jennifer?

“I love that she is incredibly level headed. I am the dreamer of this relationship and she has the level head that balances me out. I love how Jen is a very attractive woman and yet one of the smartest people I have ever met. Most importantly, I love Jen’s humble nature and how she is thankful for all she has.”

Jennifer, what do you LOVE about Blake?

“I love how Blake lives by old fashion values. He always acts like a gentleman; opening any door for me, walking on the outside of the sidewalk keeping me on the inside away from the cars, paying for dates, and is very skilled and resourceful in fixing almost anything. Most of all, I love how Blake is very romantic and keeps the romance alive even when life gets stressful and busy.”

It being the first evening of the SUPER Moon… we HAD to go out in the vineyard to take some night photos

Venue: Oak Farm Vineyards | Hair and Makeup Artist: Raquel at Ciao Bella | Wedding Dress Designer: Paris Connections: Sincerity Bridal line | Floral Designer: In Full Bloom | Wedding Cake: Specialty Cakes, Lodi | DJ: GP Productions

Blake and Jennifer, your wedding day was incredible… lots of sweet blessing to you both.



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