Jun 3, 2011

Brandon and Amy | Sacramento International Airport Engagement


They nervously stood at the security check point. As the minutes ticked by, the knot in their stomachs grew…goodbyes were always hard. He would be gone for another seven months. With his sea bag in tow, Brandon slid his dog-tags off from around his neck and gently handed them to Amy, “You hold on to them,” Brandon said. He kissed her goodbye, whispering, “I’ll be right back.”

So let’s jump ahead a bit…. Of course he did come back, they got engaged and because the airport holds a special place in their hearts (due to all the emotional drop offs and happy pick-ups) we HAD to shoot their engagement session there.

Amy, how did Brandon propose?: “On April 22nd 2010 Brandon proposed to me on a beach in Waimanalo on the island of Oahu. We were visiting for a celebratory trip for him finishing 5 years in the Navy. We walked onto the beach and under a little 4 post shelter, someone had made out of drift wood and old palm branches, he reached down in his pocket to pull out a silver bell shaped box. Immediately Brandon got down on one knee and asked, “I have a question for you…will you marry me?”. We soak in the moment together, me still letting it sink in, while enjoying the beautiful turquoise water and white sandy beach with hardly anyone in sight. Before you know it the clouds roll in and it starts to rain. For the little time we were there the weather was perfect. It felt like God parted the clouds for us.”


Tell us a little bit about how you two first met? “We met in Oahu near Pearl Harbor. I had been living with my dear friend, Lizzi while she was stationed there and she told me that there were a few friends (Brandon included) pulling into port. After an evening full of flirtatious glances Brandon pulled out the big guns by grabbing a friend’s guitar and serenading the group with some Spanish guitar and Jack Johnson followed by some classic card tricks. Who doesn’t love a guy that plays guitar and performs cheesy card tricks?”
Brandon, what do you love about Amy?: “Amy gives me purpose. I love her because she knows exactly who I am and loves me for it. Though I managed to live 20 years before meeting her, I now have no idea how I could live without her. There is no question that this world needs more people like her.”
Brandon and Amy both LOVE the art of photography and are talented photographers themselves! Psst… we have a Brooks student in the house.

Brandon and Amy, your engagement session was magical! Looking forward to your Seattle wedding in August!

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