Feb 3, 2012

Brent and Tatiana | Placerville Engagement Photographer

Tatiana and Brent first met over the phone. At the time, Tatiana and Allyson (a fabulous MRP bride from last year) worked together and Tatiana would occasionally join in on Allyson and Brent’s conversations. Since they were both good friends with Allyson, they would always hear an ear full about each other from her. They finally met in person at Allyson’s birthday party in 2009 but the two of them we were in other relationships. As fate would have it, a year later Tatiana and Brent FINALLY managed to schedule a friendly dinner and after yummy sushi, drinks and dancing the two of them decided they would definitely be see each other again…

What was the first thing you thought of when you saw each other?

  Tatiana: “I thought Brent was really cute, he had such a friendly smile and I decided to bring myself over to finally introduce myself in person. There was just something about him that I was attracted to and I felt an immediate connection.”

 Brent: “I immediately knew she was exactly what I had been looking for so long for but had not found.  She was attractive, personable and had an amazing smile.”


Brent, what do you LOVE about Tatiana? 

” I know it’s cliché but I pretty much love everything about her.  After narrowing it down, I love how caring and smart she is.  Tatiana would give you the shirt off of her back in a blizzard and her sweet disposition makes me smile and keeps me optimistic.  Also, she will set a goal and not only obtain it but will set the bar.  When sharing science classes, she regularly scored 100% on tests and assignments and was determined to be the best. “

Share with us the proposal… (told by Brent)

“From the very beginning I wanted the proposal to be special.  I decided to choose Mendocino since it was iconic to our relationship.  We had shared our first camping trip here and really enjoyed escaping to the coast. I had the ring and needed to speak with her father before the plans were set.  Tatiana had a feeling that I spoke with her father but I told her I hadn’t just to keep it a surprise.  A few weeks later, I made our plans to visit Mendocino and stay at the Maccullum House.  I completely surprised her and told her we were going to get away for the weekend.  On the way up, we stopped at one of her favorite breakfast places The Boonfly Cafe and the food was outstanding.  I chose to do the proposal on 11/11/11 based on the funny superstition of making a wish.  We arrived in Mendocino just after 11:00am.  As planned, we walked down a dirt path to a bluff overlooking the ocean.  I chose this place because I feel it symbolized our relationship in a way. I felt that like the ocean, life can be rough and ever-changing at times but we will always be safe and content in each other’s arms there on the shore.  The weather was foggy but seemed to break at the right time which seemed to be my cue.  I started telling her how much I loved her and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  She looked at me as if she was not hearing anything new.  Only when I got on my knee did it dawn on her that I was proposing.  It seemed as if she could not hear a word I was saying and put her hand out for me to place the ring on her finger.  She had the biggest smile I had ever seen and we were both in tears.  To say the least, it was the most amazing feeling I’ve experience.  We were giddy and spent the rest of the weekend enjoying each other’s company in Mendocino with dinner, wine, walking and enjoying the beach.”

Tatiana, what do you LOVE about Brent?

I love how sweet, caring and supportive Brent is. He has always been there for me since day one, keeps me motivated and always seems to know if something is wrong or when to give me a hug. Above all he just makes me happier than I’ve ever been.”

What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding?  

Brent: “I am looking forward to the ceremony.  I really can’t wait to marry Tatiana and experience the connection/commitment of our love for one another.”

 Tatiana: “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle all dolled up in my dress and see Brent waiting for me at the end of the aisle to join me for the rest of our lives. I’m also looking forward to sharing our love and happiness with all of our closest friends and family for the night.”

Brent and Tatiana, we are looking forward to your Petaluma wedding in June! Can’t wait… it will be here before you know it!


  1. Allyson says:

    I love these pictures they make me smile. 🙂 can’t wait to enjoy your special day with you guys! Love you both so much! Xo

  2. Kelli says:

    Beautiful couple and a beautiful love story! I’ve never heard about you first “meeting” on the phone! so so sweet. can’t wait to share the big day with you both. lots of love!!

  3. Betsy Fishbein Beckerle says:

    You are two special people that are driven, focused, warm hearted, beautiful, fun and have a zest for life. These pictures reflect the love you share for one another…I am so excited for you… Congratulations….Can’t wait for June 16, 2012…love you lots…..Betsy and Joe.


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