Sep 2, 2011

Brett and Meaghan | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

They met at a mutual friends birthday party in October of 2010. It was by chance that they were standing in the same area when the birthday girl (who is now their weddingcoordinator) came up and simply introduced them out of courtesy. They began talking and the rest is history…

Brett what were you thinking when you first saw Meaghan?: “I was instantly attracted to her. She was (is) beautiful and very intimidating during our conversation that evening. It was too good to be true! Everything she told me about herself was just what I love. I was looking around for the candid camera like it was a prank.”

It was sweet that Brett and Meaghan wanted to include their adorable twin girls in the session. Meaghan, you are and will be a fabulous Mommy to the girls!

What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding? “The exchanging of our own vows, blending our family and having one GREAT party!”

Meaghan, what do you LOVE about Brett?: “I love that Brett always has a positive outlook and his dedication to his family and career.  His willingness to communicate and for his patience that he has with me when I’m acting “silly”.  He supports me in everything that I do…he even got a Steelers jersey to support my football team. He pushes me to be stronger, make tough decisions and gets me to look outside of my box.”

Yum! A fun stop at Big Spoon Frozen Yogurt!

What is a perfect date night for the two of you?: “Dirty Friday” – we have lots of perfect date nights but we do like to go out on Friday nights when we don’t have the kids and grab a dirty martini and some great food.  We are social people – we like to talk, eat, drink and people watch.”

   Brett, what do you LOVE about Meaghan?: Our ability to be able to speak about anything – her willingness to sacrifice herself for the development of our relationship with “our” family.  She loves the dog!  The way she reads over my shoulder – her smile – her sense of humor.  She works very hard at her career but takes the time for what is most important – FAMILY!”

Brett and Meaghan, thank you for hanging out with me and bringing the girls. I’m looking forward to your beautiful fall wedding at Serrano.


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