Dec 12, 2012

charles and juliet | Placerville Engagement photographer

On Saint Patrick evening, Charles gathered some people to celebrate and made corned beef and cabbage for dinner just like Juliet always had when she was a kid. They all stayed up late and enjoyed the company of one another. After everyone departed, Charles and Juliet went outside on the hill in the backyard and started a fire while the snow gentlely fell around them.  With the fire and the snow it was quite a romantic setting. Early the next morning, Juliet drowsily asked Charles for some water. He left, then came back into the room. As he entered he began to tell Juliet how much he loved her… it sounded different. “He sounded really serious and was using my full name! I became suspicious.”  Sure enough, Charles put Juliet’s glass of water in front of her and she could see the ring glistening at the bottom of the glass. He then knelt down beside the bed and asked Juilet to marry her.  “I started screaming “Oh my God,” over and over! I figured it he knew that it was obviously a “Yes!” but Charles actually had to clarify because the word hadn’t yet escaped my mouth.” said Juliet.

Juliet, what do you LOVE about Charles?
“I love the way he makes me feel about myself: beautiful, cared for, adored, safe, loved, strong. I love how much he values family and loyalty. The way he kisses my forehead! The way he teaches me new things and takes me all over the place with him, even when I have a lot to learn. I also love that sometimes when he does things for me or when he will acquiesce to one of my requests, you can tell he’s only doing it just because he really wants to see me happy and it’s very sweet.”

Charles, what do you LOVE about Juliet?
“I love Juliet’s spontaneity and youthfulness. I really respect and enjoy her level of intelligence and some of those random facts she has. Those are cute… and her hair. I really love her hair… and the way she points her toes.. and the way Juliet used to come down the hall and have breakfast with me at 4am when I had to get up early.. and it was the cutest thing ever when we first got together, she always wanted to be in the same room as me.”

What is a perfect day together look like together?

 “Our perfect day would definitely be down at his family’s property, with rifles of course! Charles and I like to go shooting, which is a hobby he completely turned me on to. The day would also include sandwiches and coffee, for sure… and most likely a campfire or a fire in the fireplace. “

What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding?

    “Our first dance! Saying our own vows. Expressing our devotion and love, surrounded by friends and family.”

Congratulations Charles and Juliet! Looking forward to your beautiful day in May!


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