Jul 2, 2014

Chris and Ashley | Plymouth Engagement Photographer

They met at work… a winery. The first time Ashley saw Chris he was bent over getting a sample from the import wine he was about to unload, and Ashley couldn’t help but enjoy the view. When Chris turned around with a big smile on his face she knew she was caught!

“I won’t ever forget that smile when I first met him.”

Chris, what do you LOVE about Ashley?

“I love when she says silly things, and that she’s good with kids.”

Ashley, what do you LOVE about Chris?

“I love that he’s always got a smile on his face, and always looks for the good in every situation. He’s got the most contagious smile!”

Proposal (told by Ashley)

“We had looked at rings for a while, so I thought it was just another trip to the store to look at rings, and so did he. I ended up falling in love with a ring that he’d looked at previously without me, but he wasn’t going to get that ring because it wasn’t what I sent him a picture of. We left the store that day with my engagement ring, but he hasn’t asked my Dad yet. That whole weekend I kept asking if we could go to my parents’ house, and he would say “No, let’s eat,” or “No, it’s raining,” or “No, let’s rest.” I am not the most patient person, so this delay was killing me! We made plans to go to the gun range with my Dad the following weekend, and that’s when he was going to ask him permission to marry me, but my Dad ended up having to work instead. I begged Chris to come over a couple days earlier, and he finally came to the house the night before Valentine’s Day. Before he left his house I must have reminded him four times to bring the ring. When he came over we were just hanging out with my parents like it was another day, but I kept staring at the ring box he had in his pocket. It got late and we were hungry, so we were going to get some fish and chips. As soon as the door closed I asked Chris “Did you ask him?” I wanted to put that beautiful ring on my finger! He told me he asked and my Dad gave permission, so I asked “Can I have it now?”, and that’s when he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him in the middle of the street in front of my parents’ house.”

Congratulations Chris and Ashley on your engagement! Looking forward to photographing your wedding in 2015!



  1. Janet Ashby says:

    Love the pics and the stories!

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