Feb 8, 2011

Claire and Charlie | Folsom Child Photographer

I think adoption is such a beautiful process. My heart strings are tugged… no not tugged…YANKED on when I see a beautiful couple FINALLY bring home their precious child. Lately I’ve witnessed four friends go through the miraculous process and one in particular was Rachel and Robert’s, Charlie.  Rachel (entertaining mommy blogger and extremely talented hair accessory business owner) and I go way back to high school/early college years. We reconnected about three years ago and I caught up on her marriage to husband, Robert and their successful adoption of Claire. Then in July of 2009 they began the process again and in May of 2010 it was official, Charlie was theirs! With a lot of patience, paperwork, emailed photos of their little man and a few care packages, Rachel was finally able to fly to Korea in October to pick up their Charlie! So without further ado here are a few favorites of sweet Charlie boy and beautiful big sister, Claire’s session.

Charlie’s serious face :0)

lovely, Claire.

There’s that cute smile!

Side note: When I photograph children I tend to use attention catching phases for my little clients such as “Ahh-Oh!” Well, in Korean “Ahh-Oh!” is “Gauk-Goo!” Try saying that one for fun…

Robert, Rachel and Claire, I am so happy for your new Charlie addition. Big hugs and kisses to you!



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