Mar 12, 2014

Curtis and Michelle | El Dorado Hills Engagement Photographer

Curtis and Michelle first met fourteen years ago at a local coffee shop in their hometown of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Curtis worked at the coffee shop, Renaldo’s, as a barista, and Michelle would pop in there from time to time with her friends.

Michelle, tell us how Curtis proposed to you…

“It was Christmas morning, 2012. It was just the two of us and we were opening presents while watching the movie, Holiday Inn. The last present I opened was in a large blue box with a ribbon. When I opened it there was a bunch of tissue paper and then another small box with a ribbon. When I opened the smaller box, there was a jewelry box inside. As soon as I saw the box I knew what it was and I started crying. I looked at at him and said “are you kidding me?” and then he asked me if I would marry him. I said yes of course and now here we are!”

Michelle, what do to LOVE about Curtis?

“I love how compassionate he is to me and others, how supportive and encouraging he can be when I’m falling apart (he’s my rock!). I love his witty sense of humor and his love for our three cats!”

Curtis, what do you LOVE about Michelle?

“I love how sweet and considerate she is. I love that she’s a hard worker and I also love her girly side.”

 Michelle and Curtis, we are looking forward to your wedding this April!


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