Aug 1, 2013

Daryl and Buffee | Firehouse Restaurant Wedding Photographer

They knew OF each other in high school… but never met

Buffee’s sister knew Daryl but Buffee and Daryl… never met

It wasn’t until years later, through Facebook which lead to phone chatting then to Skyping and FINALLY three months later… they met face to face

Daryl, what do you LOVE about Buffee?

“I love her sense of humor, drive, sweetness, how caring she is, how smart she is, how beautiful on the inside and outside she is, and how sexy she is. Also, her honesty, integrity and independence.”

Buffee, what do you LOVE about Daryl?

“I love that he makes me laugh so hard I cry. He makes me want to be a better partner, friend, lover and mother. I love that he has the most beautiful & kind heart. He’s generous and caring and how animals follow him is absolutely adorable. One of my favorite things about him is the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles or laughs…I treasure those lines. His work ethic and commitment to our family is beautiful. I know that he will always be faithful and loving. I love that he’s my best friend.”

Daryl and Buffee, you two ooze LOVE! I am so happy for you both. You found your soul mate. Hang on tight it’s going to be a beautiful ride!

Venue: Firehouse Restaurant | Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Miles-Peek | Makeup  and Hair Artist: Lea Buehler of Special Event Hair & Makeup | Wedding Dress Designer: Oleg CassiniFloral Design: family | Minister: Ray Fisher | Wedding Cake: Brita Confections | DJ: Logan Aguirre

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