Apr 8, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 | Personal

Ok, so maybe I’ve been under a rock (highly unlikely) but this year was the first time I had heard of Earth Hour. Earth Hour?  Let me explain. Over a billion people every year on March 27th participate in turning off their lights at 8:30 pm for one hour as a symbol of taking a stand to climate change….

I see you rolling your eyes! No, I’m not a “Save the Plant” Drill Sargent but as a family we try to do our part.

Back to the subject.

After hearing about this, I thought this would be a wonderful experience for the kids… and it was, but even more for Kurt and I. For one hour we cuddled with the kids in our bed and read bedtime stories by candlelight. No glow or hum of the computer. No facebook to check. No phone to answer.


After finishing stories of childhood camping trips without electricity we tucked Boo and Bubba into bed and slowly left the room. I stood in the hallway for a long time. Silence. It felt so good. This is how it should be. That one hour brought me down from our racing hub-bub of a day and reminded me to be still from time to time. So here’s to remembering to turn things off… to disconnecting from social media once in a while… to looking at the stars… to cuddling and reading by candlelight… to Earth Hour on any given day.  Cheers.

Hope you like the new watermark



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