Apr 16, 2010

Just to Be Near | El Dorado Hills Family Photographer

Oh my goodness can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day? In a flash we are already in mid April. Wow. Ok, close you’re eyes…no peeking! Oh, wait then you won’t be able to read on. Alright scratch that. Stop. Think deep and hard on what your Momma really wants for Mother’s Day. Is it a bouquet of flowers? Nahaa. A box of chocolates? Probably not.

Simply stated by my Mom (and I think most moms around the world)…. “I just want to be with my children/child. To laugh together and be near to one another. That’s what I want for Mother’s Day!” It’s the small things in life our Mommas really want. But sadly memories do fade. So this Mother’s Day present yours with family photography session that says, “Mom, we know how much the family means to you, let’s capture these moments forever.”

WARNING: saying this phrase to Momma might result in being attacked by large quantities of hugs, kisses and tears.



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