Nov 14, 2012

Eric and Marissa | Placerville Wedgewood Wedding Photographer

Eric and Marissa | Placerville, California

She opened the box and a piece of paper fell out. There was nothing else in the box and Marissa questioned him as she leaned down to picked up the paper and it read, “Will you marry me?” When she looked up at Eric he was kneeling with the ring in his hand and a huge grin on his face.

Eric and Marissa planned their destination wedding from Ohio and decided on Wedgewood in Placerville.

The two of them along with their family and wedding party chose Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast for their pre-ceremony fun!

Marissa, what do you love about Eric?

“One of the first things I loved about Eric was how much he loved his family, especially his niece and how caring he is towards her.  He is also an incredible friend; he is loyal and will do anything to help a friend in need.  I love his blue eyes, smile, and little boy giggle when he is truly having a great time (this always comes out on roller coasters).  He is also probably the smartest person I know, he has a passion for understanding how everything works, and understanding people, their cultures and religions.  I love how much he cares about me, he pushes me to try new things and do my best at everything.  He is also very protective and makes sure I stand up for myself.  Eric is incredibly hard working, motivated, and dedicated.  I love his upstanding character and feel that we want to pass the same values and ethics on to a future family.  I love that he is very social and can get along with everyone.  He can be incredibly silly and goofy when it is just us.  He knows how to comfort me when I am upset, is patient when I am being difficult, and knows how to make me smile or cry by saying something incredibly romantic.”

 Eric, what do you love about Marissa?

 “I love how devoted Marissa is with her work.  She cares for the children like they are her own.  I know that she is going to make the perfect mother when that time comes.  Marissa also brings this compassion to the people around her.  When her friends ask her for something she gets on it right away.  She goes over the top for they each and every time. She always gives 100% no matter what we are doing.  She is very supportive no matter what I am doing.  She moved from Chicago to Ohio to be with me.  She knew that I was leaving 12 months after we met (I asked to stay 6 months longer during my assignment), but she was committed.  She is always trying to make me happy.  Her giggle is something that I can’t get enough of.  When I feel that I haven’t heard her in a while I tickle her until it comes out.  And there’s also her hair.  She has the curliest hair I have ever seen.  It’s great and the poofier the better.  She doesn’t like that but I try to make it poofy as much as I can.”

What were you feeling doing your first look?

“I was so nervous and had butterflies.  I was worried Eric had heard too much about my dress and wouldn’t be surprised or have much of a reaction.  I was so thrilled that he seemed so genuinely surprised and in love with the dress and the way I looked.  It felt wonderful to be able to relish in the moment and take it all in.  Eric said he was unsure about doing a first look but was so glad we did because it took away all his nerves.” -Marissa

“Because she had told me so much about her gown I had an idea of what it look liked and it was even more gorgeous then I thought. When I saw her I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and how lucky I was to be marrying her.” -Eric

Ceremony was held at Nello Olivo Winery

Reception was located at the Sequoia Mansion

What where some of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

“I loved our ceremony, standing and holding Eric’s hands and looking into his eyes.  I felt as if we were in our own world.  I tried looking at our guests to see who was there and couldn’t focus on anything else, everything but Eric and I is kind of a blur and it went too fast.  I also loved our first dance and having that time together to celebrate and enjoy the moment; it was amazing to hear all the love and support in the room as everyone was cheering us on.” – Marissa

What do you look forward to the most as your begin your life as husband and wife?

 “I look forward to sharing happy everyday moments together, simple things like eating dinner together and laughing together.  I look forward to all the adventures we will experience together, especially with all the travel and moving Eric does for work; we enjoy exploring new places together and it will be a surprise to see where it takes us.  I am excited to join Eric’s family and be a sister and aunt for the first time.  I most look forward to eventually starting a family, being a mom, and seeing Eric as a dad.” -Marissa

Congratulations Eric and Marissa. Wishing you much love and blessings on your marriage.

 Thank you to Eric and Marissa’s other vendors: Floral design by Camino Flower Shop, Wedding dress designed by Ysa Makino, Carissa of Sugar and Spice and DJ Chad Stalzer of Chad Stalzer Productions



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