Nov 23, 2012

Fred and Eileen | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

“Fred’s family always celebrates Christmas right at midnight, so his family gets together during the night of Christmas Eve. When we arrived Fred parked the car across the street from his cousin’s house and he said “Okay, I’ll just give you your gift now. Close your eyes.” I was actually trying to hurry up and get inside because his family was starting the gift exchange but he told me it could wait. So I closed my eyes and said, “Hurry up, please, I’m getting sleepy.” So he said, “OPEN THEM NOW!” I looked at him and I didn’t know what was suppose to be looking for. But finally I looked down and there was a beautiful ring in a red box. I started to cry. He didn’t have a big speech or anything, he just said, “You know I love you and I don’t really know what else to say, so will you marry me?” I was speechless and tears just started to roll down my cheeks. I nodded and hugged him as he put the ring on my finger.”

Fred, what do you LOVE about Eileen?

     “I LOVE how she always makes me feel loved and happy, knowing that I am her one and only. I LOVE how she loves me for me and how she knows that family is important.”

Eileen, what do you LOVE about Fred?

“I love that Fred is patient with me. Since the first day I had hung out with him, he’s always been patient, and he still is. I love that about him. I love how Fred always makes me feel loved and always makes me feel beautiful even on my worst days.”

Silly Question Time! If you were stranded at Disneyland and you could only ride one ride over and over again, what would that be?

Eileen: “Space Mountain!”

Fred: “Big Thunder!”

Fred and Eileen, looking forward to your big day next September!


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