Apr 21, 2011

John and Rochelle | El Dorado Hills Engagement Photographer

She had a flushed look to her face every time she entered Anatomy and Physiology lab. While she searched for a seat, John would always smile and keep a visual lock on this rosie-cheeked beauty. Little did he know that Rochelle came directly from Triathlon class each day.

John, what was the first thing you though of when you saw Rochelle?

“Even though she was always sweaty and stinky, I still thought she was beautiful.”

Rochelle, what was the first thing you thought of when you met John?

“I thought he was hilarious. He was always making me laugh!”


Rosco definitely wanted to be involved, in his own way, on announcing Rochelle and John’s wedding.

John, how did you propose?

“On my knee. (insert laughter here) I surprised her by driving up to Seattle with our dog and interrupting her family reunion.”



 What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding?


Rochelle: “Having fun with everyone close and important to us. Dancing for sure. I am also excited to wear my wedding dress!”
John: “Dancing, dining and enjoying our friends and family.”

Rochelle, if you were stranded on an island with each other what one comfort item would you want with you? My running shoes!
John, same question… “Our engagement pictures!”


  1. To see John and Rochelle’s engagement session, click on the link above.


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