Aug 10, 2011

Josh and Page | Reno, Nevada Wedding Photographer | Part Two

Here is the continuation of Josh and Page’s wedding day… If you haven’t seen the first part of their day, click here. We left off with Page and her dad, Jeff seeing each other for the first time.

The ceremony was held on the rooftop of the Nevada Museum of Arts

Josh, what were you thinking when you first saw Page walking towards you? “Everything about the moment was perfect. Beautiful. It was a true reveal for me too because I couldn’t see her until she had come out into the sun which made the surprise that much more dramatic.”

Josh, what do you love about Page? “She’s passionate about everything she does and always lays everything on the table, which often means that she succeeds in everything she does.  She’s a motivator.  She’s always helping others do things that they are afraid to do or otherwise can’t do because they need help getting started.  And she’s a positive person who brings positivity into other people’s lives.”

It was at this point that I looked over my camera and said,

“Page! What the…?”

Josh turned to Page and questioned, “You did tell her huh?”


“Ya, Page modeled a bit.”


Page, what do you LOVE about Josh? “He is the best Puppy Daddy to Lola and it demonstrates the true type of man he is and dad that he is going to be someday. Compassionate, caring, and so very adorable. He makes me feel safe, his ridiculously smart and his is the best cheerleader when I’m racing. While I love that he’s physically there with me at a race, it means even more while I’m running that I know that he is there at the finish line waiting for me. He never complains, is selfless, has the patience of a saint and is there for me every step of the way.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Both of you, tell us a one sentence description of your relationship? Page: “A couple of ridiculous, uber-nerds who love to be both silly and romantic.” Josh: I’d say goofy/dorky, fun, cooperative, and our new description “Kissy and smoochy”.

Reception was held at the Peppermill

Jack Barrett the Music Doctor kept the party hoppin’

Wedding Cake designed by the Peppermill

Josh and Page, thank you for letting us celebrate with you, along with your friends and family, and capture your wedding day. Big hug to Lola!


  1. She posted part one, which included getting ready for the big day. Today, it’s the big reveal of part two: the ceremony and reception. Check out her blog for some more photos…

  2. Click here to see Josh and Page’s pre wedding post


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