Apr 25, 2011

Justin and Joie | Coloma Engagement Photographer

He tied the gorgeous princess-cut ring to the ribbon bookmarker within the journal and added pictures of their first vacation together in Santa Cruz and a few of when they were babies. As Joie oohed and ahhed over the photos the ribbon marker fell out onto a page that read: “Will You Marry Me?” Joie bursted into tears and of course she said “Yes!

Justin, what do you LOVE about Joie? “She is not shallow, she’s selfless and grounded. She’s original, smart and loves me!”

What is a perfect day together look like? A very relaxing day, hanging out with Justin’s son, Taylor, going to the movies and just being together.

Joie, what do you LOVE about Justin? “I love that he makes me want to be a better person and balance my life. I never wanted to grow old with someone until I met him.”

Justin and Joie, I am looking forward to your beautiful outdoor wedding in September!



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