Sep 7, 2009

Love it or Leave it: Food and Flannel | Personal

I’ve decided to start a new themed post called, Love It or Leave It. The topic will revolve around my daily chitchat, thoughts and ideas…strictly for fun. I was inspired by Jasmine Star’s Kisses and Disses and my friends who tell me
I should write these things down in a journal. Nah, I’ll just blog them instead. So for this last week:

Kurt’s homemade pizza. Yummo!
The smell of summer turning to fall
Bubba’s new phrase, “See Ya!”
Spumante and Peanut M&M’s
Apple Hill season. I can’t wait to dive into a High Hill Ranch Apple Pie!

Flannel Shirt and Stirrup Pants are back? WHAT! That is soo 90’s.
I can’t grasp the fact that we are making a full circle in our clothing styles … already. Come on.
What’s next chunky shoes and fanny packs?

A two year old HP computer that decide to blow up on me. LAME-O…

That’s my first week of Love it or Leave It. Stay tuned for more!
Oh, and an entry isn’t great without a picture, so here is a sneak peek of this week’s wedding post…


  1. Erika Jackson

    September 8th, 2009 at 12:03 am

    HOT! Love it Mariea!


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