Mar 4, 2010

Love it or Leave it | Personal

Dah tahh DA! It’s time for another entry of Love it or Leave it. Fun changes are going on at Mariea Rummel Photography…ONE, being this lovely new-evolving blog site! Check it out and leave some comment love while your at it. Don’t forget to change your RSS to Ok, let’s start with the leave its…


booked: turning down brides because I’m booked…. BOO but bitter sweet

aqua sand: five minutes of fun, thirty minutes of sifting and clean up. Need I say more?

moving: not us, our neighbors *sadness* but happy for you Kevin and Jamie

girl scout cookies: don’t get me wrong I love Girl Scout cookies. but anyone (me) who says that they are buying twelve boxes so they they can freeze them is setting themselves up for a major weight gain binge.

lost: come on now…a possessed Claire and Sayid?


julie and julia (the movie): i’m still looking for the perfect recipe book to cook through… hum maybe a Rachael Ray 30 minute meal book.

el dorado hills bridal fair: i’ve been a busy-bee preparing for this show. come by and visit Kurt and I. (March 06th, 12-4, Lakehills Covenant Church)

mint tea with honey: mmm on a cold day

support from YOU: with your heart felt comments we won a sweet ad spot on the Wedding Chicks. Thank you so much! Check it out: sweet deals

(refresh to see our picture and link)

the top of a newborn’s head: i believe I’ve blogged about it before… but that smell is life changing. Someone needs to bottle that up and make a fortune from it!


  1. Dori says:

    Just polished off a box of “thanks a lots” and am pretty sure that’s the 2nd box I’ve eaten BY MYSELF (Lemonades were first). The rest are hiding in the freezer but I know they’re there.

    Am dying to see the rest of the newborn shoot! You are so talented, and I just realized that one on the left was the first time we let Monkey hold Peanut (since Monkey was sick and Peanut was a preemie). And we’ve GOT IT thanks to you. Mariea you’re the best.

    xoxo ~ d

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