Oct 21, 2009

Love it or Leave it | Personal

Everything about this fall season makes me smile. The cold air, the trees changing colors, the smell of wood burning stoves mixed with pumpkin-spiced candles…they all enlighten my senses and give me a cuddly warm feeling inside. I adore this time of year! A great lead into another installment of Love It or Leave it… Let’s start off with:

Leave It
VIA: Starbuck’s instant “micro” ground coffee: enjoyed it at first but nothing is like the real thing
Potato Chips: did I really eat the whole bag?
Bad Dreams: the ones that you have to wake yourself up from and stay awake
for awhile so you don’t go back to dreaming them again.

Love It
Sleep: sleep and more sleep
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup: with french bread please!
Getting my nails did: my first time rocking black nail polish
And this little man: one of our cutie pies serenading me this evening



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