Jun 8, 2010

Love it or Leave it | Personal

It’s been awhile since the last Love it or Leave it so here’s an update…

Leave It

There has to be an easier way to get coconut off it’s shell… after another failed attempt with the family, I did a little research and if you stick it in the oven for twenty mins at 400 it comes right off. Hum, who knew?

The ending to LOST. What in the world?

Drinking more than four shots of espresso in one sitting… makes me CRAZY.

Love It

The best twitter quote this week: “I wonder what Dora’s parents would do if they knew she cut school everyday to meet up with talking animals and travel the world singing to herself?” That just makes me giggle.

GLEE and Mr. Shue’s booty shake. period. word.

Boo’s (my daughter) quote, “Pleeease Mom! I’ll be your best kid!” … Oy Vey

Rockin Frog Yogurt: need that stuff

It never gets old hearing how much your clients LOVE the service you have provided… never. Warms my heart. I heart my job.

And all posts need a picture, so here’s a little preview of our next entry!



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