May 21, 2012

Matt and Carolin | Folsom Engagement Photographer

Carolin had come across a couple of old World War II letters from soldiers and after feeling moved by its contents, she decided she wanted a soldier pen-pal herself. She post on a forum in hopes that a soldier would respond.

Matt was on his first deployment in Afghanistan when he replied to Carolin’s post. The relationship started with emails along with instant messaging. Carolin never thought it would go any further then pen-pals until Matt insisted on meeting during his next leave.


After three years of a long distant relationship while Matt was in service, Matt proposed with a beautiful ring at Christmas time while visiting Carolin’s family.

Matt, what do you LOVE about Carolin?

 “I love that despite all the hardships we have been through, that she refused to quit and that she tries her hardest to reach her goals. No matter what she decides to do, she always gives her absolute best. I love having her at my side in  giving me the drive to keep going. She’s my firecracker you know? My pistol. She is hot, sexy, smart , witty and everything I could ever ask for in a partner. She is mine and I am hers, and together there is nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Carolin, what do you LOVE about Matt?

 “I love that I can be goofy with him and around him. I love that he’s my best friend, and that I can tell him everything…and that I know he’ll always be honest with me. I love that he makes me laugh, that he knows how to get me out of a bad mood and that he’s secretly a big softie around small cute creatures. I love that he has the same guiding values as me, and that he’ll be a great Dad one day. Most of all, I LOVE that he’s respectful of my family, and that he enables me to be one-hundred percent secure in his faithfulness and love for me.

What is a perfect day together look like?

“Breakfast and reading the newspaper on our back porch in the sun. Then packing a yummy picnic and going for a long drive to explore new back roads in Matt’s truck. We would then find a secluded spot to eat our lunch and slowly make our way home to enjoy a nice big homemade dinner… finishing the night with some chocolate, of course!”

What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding?

Matt: :I’m truly looking forward to taking that next step, pledging our love for each other and being bonded by that oath forever.”

Carolin: “I can’t wait to be surrounded by our loved ones, saying our vows and just feeling so incredibly blessed.”


If you were stranded on an island with each other, what one comfort item would you want with you?

 Carolin: Chocolate! (It’s a long standing joke that I’m addicted) Oh, or a toothbrush!

Matt: Definitely a mattress. Yea, yea, so I like camping but c’mon, an island? Stranded? There aren’t any nearby chiropractors.

Looking forward to your wedding in July, Matt and Carolin!


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  2. Robin Samuels Feiweles says:

    What a beauiful presentation of Carolin and Matt”s wedding and engagment!
    What a beautiful couple inside and out the two make!
    We love them and know what a beautiful life they will have as long as they are together!
    What special families they both have also!


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