Dec 10, 2013

Nicolette and Tyler | El Dorado Hills Engagement Photographer

The Proposal

It was the night of their dating anniversary and Tyler was at work. Nikki requested that Tyler come over afterwards, even though it would be late. Tyler came with a card, the ring and a plan. Although Nikki said no presents for their anniversary, Tyler came prepared. When Nikki opened the card it read, “How about we make an official date for an event of our affection…Look at me.” Tyler got down on one knee and proposed and Nikki responded with “Is this for real?” And then responded with a whole-hearted “Yes!”

Tyler, what do you LOVE about Nikki?

“I love that my future bride makes me feel comfortable about myself no matter what. I also adore her love for young people and trying to make them be the best person they can. Not minding to fix dinner or picking up football (almost) doesn’t hurt either.”

Nikki, what do you LOVE about Tyler?

“Tyler has such a wonderful heart, he is so giving of his time and energy to those that he loves. I also love how much Tyler can make me laugh. When people first meet Tyler, they think that he is shy and quiet, but he isn’t! He is very witty and it has taken me several years to begin to understand how his mind works, I love that he keeps me guessing. Tyler is such a wonderful person to have as a partner, he is so kind and supportive and giving and fun. I feel so blessed to get to spend the rest of my life with this man!”

What does a perfect day look like together?

“Our perfect day together would be one spent at home. We’d watch an Atlanta Falcons football game with our friends and family. We would have lots of yummy snacks to munch on and we would be able to relax and enjoy time with one another and our loved ones.”

Tyler and Nikki, I’m looking forward to your lovely summer wedding next year!


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