Aug 4, 2009

Rock N Water Reunion | Personal

There are a small number of people out there that would believe
that this Sassy-Fancy Nancy, ME was a river and rock climbing guide…fifteen years ago.

Photos courtesy of Raft Photo

We lived at the river, showered outdoors, wore Tevas all day: every day, slave dogged long hours…but I enjoyed every moment of the five seasons I worked with Rock N Water. What an awesome experience I had not only physical but spiritually. Life was simple… no TV, no cell phone, no IPOD… (most of those weren’t even invented though) nothing just you, your fellow staff members and the awesome campers that came to experience life on the end. There is something about being in nature that draws you closer to God.

Last weekend Kurt and I had an awesome time dipping our feet into the world of Rock N Water again and reunite with all the past 20 years of employees . It was a super fun day of food, fun and rafting. Despite being a bit out of shape and a little tuckered out, the reunion was a blast.

Craig (owner and director) reminiscing about the past…

Sweet Heather and little Courtney

Thank you RNW for putting this together. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you minister to our youth.
Stay tuned for an amazing video that Kurt took with our Go Pro Water Proof Camera…



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