Sep 17, 2012

Ryan and Alexis | Folsom Engagement Photographer

It began 28 years ago. Ryan’s Aunt and Alexis’ Mom had been friends before Alexis was even born.

Ryan and Alexis grew up hearing about one another.

Admiring each other from afar.

But it wasn’t until they both attended a mutual wedding last year, “single and available,” that the sparks began to fly.

“Ryan was looking pretty handsome that day as one of Patrick’s groomsmen. I remember noticing him right away! All throughout the evening my mom and sister kept telling me that Ryan had been checking me out. I didn’t believe one word of it. Why, after all these years, would Ryan be interested in me? ” -Alexis

Oh, but he was!

Ryan and Alexis had their first date at the Annual Santa Pub Crawl in Old Folsom.

Ryan, what do you LOVE about Alexis?

“What do I LOVE about Alexis. Where do I start? I LOVE that the thought of her brings peace to my heart knowing that she is the only one for me. I LOVE that she loves me for who I am, and that for the first time, I can completely be myself around her. I LOVE that she laughs really hard at my jokes. She has the most beautiful smile. I LOVE that we are always on the same page. I LOVE that she has such a loving, peaceful, caring heart. I LOVE the fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with the LOVE of my life, my best friend, my soul mate!”

Alexis, what do you LOVE about Ryan?

“Wow, just the thought of Ryan brings tears to my eyes! What isn’t there to LOVE about him?!?! Ryan is the most amazing, genuine, honest, thoughtful, kind-hearted, caring, compassionate, and loving man I have ever met! He brings a sense of calm into my life that completely balances my little bit of crazy. He gets me, to my core. I LOVE that he treats me, and speaks to me, with complete respect. I LOVE how he knows how to make me smile when I feel like crying. I LOVE how just one hug from Ryan seems to make everything better. I LOVE how he does things before I even think to ask for his help. I LOVE how he always knows the exact right words to say when I ask for his advice. I LOVE how he makes me laugh. I LOVE everything about my sweet sugar plum!! I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with Ryan every day since December 8th, and I know that will never change!”

What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding?

“Marrying the man I have been searching for my whole life…my true soul mate…my absolute best friend!” – Alexis
“Getting to marry Alexis and to call her my wife! Starting the next chapter of our lives. Also having fabulous pictures to remember it by. :)” -Ryan

Ryan and Alexis, looking forward to you lovely wedding in a few weeks!


  1. Shannon Wills (Rutt) says:

    Congratulations Ryan & Alexis…beautiful couple, beautiful photos…God Bless your marriage!!

  2. Lauren Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness! You both look amazing! 😀 I need a tissue after reading your story…ahhh… Ryan I could not be happier that you found such an amazing woman and I am so thankful that she appreciates you and all of your amazing qualities. You couldn’t be more perfect for each other. I am so happy for you guys and I can’t wait for the wedding! Eeee! Hugs and Kisses ;).

  3. Danielle DiDonato says:


  4. Amy Wilson says:

    Love love LOVED them all! You two are so amazing and GORGEOUS! You look like you were meant for each other 😉 When I first read your story and what each of you love about the other I couldn’t contain the tears. This wedding is going to be emotional haha. Love you both so much! See you again soon!

  5. Celeste Davis says:

    Wow! What amazing pictures. Are you sure your aren’t models? So happy for you.

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