Mar 24, 2014

Behind the scenes & bloopers | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

Here is a peek from 2013 behind the scenes of us hard at work and of course a few bloopers!

Second shooter, Lizzi teaching the art of photography to the younger generation 🙂

Sometimes during the ceremony the officiant may use “The Force”

Bob and WEAVE, Bob and WEAVE

Dakin of Frontside Films doing his thing for a high school senior photo shoot.

Jenifer Haupt, one of our preferred makeup artists, working her magic

“Look I found a feather!” and Kurt using his many talents to block direct sunlight!

Dakin shooting creatively

Styled shoot laughter

“You want me to do what, Mariea?”

Testing the shot: “Hold still Sam… this will only take ummm 40 seconds.” (night time time lapsing)

Pure silliness

Testing the light with Lizzi and Chris

Crazy Booth Posin’

Hiding out capturing the moment.



  1. Vivian Rootness says:

    Love you even in bloopers!

  2. Eda Rose Garaventa Pignati says:



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