Oct 16, 2012

Scott and Zoe | Villa Florentina Wedding Photographer

Villa Florentina | Coloma, California

Scott, what do love about Zoe?

“There are two things that are at the top of the “What Do I Love About Zoe” list. First, I love that there is no doubt or question about her love for me. Secondly, I love to see her laugh. When she is really laughing, almost uncontrollably, it makes me laugh and smile myself. I don’t even need to know what she is laughing about. Plus it shows off her smile.”

Zoe, what do love about Scott?

“I love so much about him! I love the confidence we have with each other, I love the sarcasm we share (after all it is my second language), I love that we enjoy the same activities (comedy, vacations, camping, hiking, watching football, etc), I love that he is always eager to improve himself. I love that he loves the boys and treats them as if they were his own.  He has NEVER said ‘your boys’ it has always been ‘our boys’ or ‘we have 2 boys’.  Even if I say it wrong he corrects me. I love that we are comfortable together. I love that he does what is in his power to make me happy. I love that even though he is not a romantic at heart he understands my need for it. I basically just love our love!”

It was hard for Scott and Zoe not to see one another before the ceremony but a little hand holding held off the urge.
What was the first thing you thought of when you saw each other down the aisle?
“Oh my!  I can’t believe this is finally happening!!” I was crying from the first step down the aisle until I got to him and was able to look in his eyes. I was so extremely happy to make that walk.”
“When I saw Zoe walking down the aisle for the first time, I said, “Are you kidding me?” I knew that she would look amazing,  but I definitely underestimated how breathtaking she looked.”
In my years as a wedding photographer, this was a first for me. Scott and Zoe wrote vows for the other to read. They both played nice with vows that were heartfelt and sincere but intertwined with a bit of humor to keep it honest.
First family photo!
…. and because they always have their special dates on full moons and were engaged on a full moon… it was only right to wed on one too.
Scott and Zoe, you two were made for one another! I am so excited for you both and the boys. Congratulations!
Thank you to Scott and Zoe’s other wedding vendors: Hair and Makeup by Brent Steele, Flower arrangements by Zoe and friend’s of the family, American Party Rental, Catering by The Hidden Table and Big Top DJ  (DJ Fiva)



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