Oct 23, 2013

Steve and Nicole | Folsom Engagement Photographer

It began with a “wink” on match.com and then a phone conversation. There was definitely chemistry! Their first date (and meeting face to face) was on March 31, 2009. Steve took Nicole to a Kings game and for the first time in Steve’s life he was more interested in talking through the game than actually watching.

What was the first thing you thought of when you saw each other?

Nicole: “Oh wow, he is hot! And he is buff…sexy!”
Steve : “She’s hot!”

Steve, what do you LOVE about Nicole?

“Nicole is the best person I know. She genuinely cares about those around her and wants to live her life to the fullest. She has a huge heart and we share the same values in life. We always have fun together whether we’re out and about or just enjoying a lazy day at home. I also love her big smile.”

Nicole, what do you LOVE about Steve?

“Steve has a kind heart and values family, first. His passion for perseverance and achieving goals is motivating– and he inspires me to always stay strong, believe in my dreams, and keep smiling even when times get tough. He has a healthy balance of seriousness and childishness and I love that he is a big kid at heart so we can be playful and goofy together. My favorite moments are just being in his arms and seeing him smile.”

What does a perfect day together look like?

“Going on an early morning water ski run as the sun rises, mid-morning wake surfing, catching an afternoon movie at the movie theater and ending the day sharing a pitcher of beer and boneless buffalo wings at our favorite sports bar.”

Steve and Nicole, looking forward to your beautiful wedding this coming Spring!


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