Jan 7, 2014

Steven and Kelsey | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

Steven and Kelsey, what are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?

Kelsey: “Getting to celebrate with all of my friends and family, and starting my life with the man of my dreams!”

Steve: “Officially starting our life together and racking up the anniversaries. Both of our parents are in their first marriage and I’d like us to follow their lead.”

What was  your first thought when you first meet?

Kelsey: “I thought that he was attractive. I was really nervous so there is not too much that I remember except that I talked a lot.”

Steve: “Thankfully Kelsey looked like her profile, so she was as beautiful as she advertised with no surprises at the front door. I loved hearing the sound of her natural voice, since everything else had been through the phone up till then.”

Steven, what do you LOVE about Kelsey?

“I love everything about Kelsey. We seem to share the same kind of mind frame on day to day decisions and don’t let the pressure of life ruin our relationship. To this day, we have yet to get into an argument. But what really has me hooked, to which is outside of her control, is the family she comes from. They are amazing people who love to enjoy life. They’re family roots are strong, the neighborhood is beyond friendly, and I see her being an amazing mother given the example her mom has showed her.”

Kelsey, what do you LOVE about Steven?

“I love everything about Steve. I love his sense of humor. I love that he loves my cats as more if not more that I do. I love his willingness to help around that house and that he likes to cook. I also love that he loves my crazy family, even my totally and completely crazy nephews, even if every time we spend time with them he always reminds me that he wants girls!”

Kelsey and Steven are both on a Kickball league! How fun is that?

… and why not end the engagement session with a little ink!  😉

Special thanks to Ryan at American Graffiti

Kelsey and Steven, we are looking forward to your Spring wedding this year!



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