Jun 2, 2010

Tai and Lukas | Davis Wedding Photographer

Tai sat back in the seat and enjoyed her drink while her friend’s conversation swirled around the table at the Little Prague Bar . She was new to Davis but enjoyed the silence for a moment.  After a few minutes Tai’s eyes shifted to the man standing in the restaurant’s doorway as Carla from the table called out, “Lukas! Come join us!”  With those four words, Tai and Lukas’ romance began.

May 22nd had finally arrived. Everything was prepared and even the rain stayed at bay.

Lovely Tai looking over her vows

Hair and makeup by Schielah Magnolia of Deeda Salon

My second photographer, Erika captured this one of the boys getting ready

Tai and Lukas’ first look. Lukas was just a bit nervous seeing his bride for the first time. So cute!

The almond orchard ceremony and reception was held in the beautiful-sprawling backyard of the Burger family

Lukas runs a tennis academy so I thought it would be a fun to use the court lines in the ring shot.

We can’t forget about Wilson!

Lukas and Tai, your wedding was stunning! Both of you and the family worked so hard on every detail and it showed. Thank you for honoring me with documenting your day.

To see more of Tai and Lukas’ wedding pictures click, here for a custom slide show


  1. Judy says:

    Wonderful! I love the shot of them in the wheat field!

  2. Sam Hassas says:

    Wonderful set Mariea. They must love em. 🙂

  3. K Yates says:

    Jealous of how great these pics are. You did a really amazing job.

  4. mariea says:

    Thanks Kryssi, Sam and Judy for your lovely comments! It was a joy to photograph Tai and Lukas!

  5. To view Tai and Lukas’ engagement session, click on the link above

  6. Your photos and blog are just beautiful. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog to get some inspiration.

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