Sep 15, 2010

Victoria and Greg | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

“Wake up!” Victoria rolled over in bed and stared into the morning darkness before her eyes focused on, best friend Alina’s face. “Alina, it’s 5:30 in the morning!” “Yes, come on get up! I have a birthday surprise for you.”  Two hours later, Alina and Victoria arrived in Middletown where a glider plane was ready to take the two of them on a spectacular aerial ride.

As their breath-taking venture came to an end and they landed, there at the end of the strip was Greg with a huge banner sprawled across the ground reading, “Victoria, Will You Marry Me?” With trembling hands Victoria disembarked the glider quickly and ran over to him. There on the glider air strip Greg asked Victoria to be his bride and of course her answer was “YES!”


I heart these next two…ok…three…ok I love them all!

Greg and Victoria, I has so much fun with you Sunday evening. You both are such a joy to hang out with and ya make gorgeous pictures too!

To see more pictures of Greg and Victoria’s engagement session, click here for a custom slide show



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