Mar 15, 2011

Let’s See Your Walls | Finals | Sacramento, Lake Tahoe Wedding and Portrait Photographer

First, I was to thank all of you for sending us your cute pictures of MRP’s photography hanging on your walls. WOW. There were so many of you that I couldn’t decide! So I put all the entries in a bowl, mixed it around and blindly drew seven names. So sorry I couldn’t include everyone. Now that we are down to seven, I am leaving the voting up to all of you.

Here’s how to vote for your favorite. Please don’t judge on their photography skills. Maybe you want to vote for them because they have a knack for hanging art… perhaps it’s because you know them, or maybe it’s because they really need some professional help. ;0)

The winner with the highest number of comments on Mariea Rummel Photography’s Facebook Page will receive one of these beautiful 8×10 custom frames below in any color or style (these frames are a new product MRP is offering to clients and can be purchased for yourself also). But they will also need something to put in their frame so we will be gifting them a mini portrait session and an 8×10 print.

Ok, that’s nice and all but how do I see the entries that were chosen and where do I vote?

(Scroll down)

Rules on Voting

  1. Voters must “like” MRP’s Facebook page. Pictures will be posted tomorrow morning, March 16th at 8 am PST.
  2. Voters must place a comment below the picture of their choice to count as a vote. No “liking” the picture.
  3. One comment per person please.

Disclaimer: This voting contest is all in good fun. So no serious craziness, K? Voting will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16th at 8am and go until Wednesday, March 23rd, 11:59 pm PST. Votes casted after 12 midnight on the 24rd will not count. Winner will be announced on MRP Facebook page, Friday, March 25th.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get into this contest. Because this was such a hit, we will be running another one this year.



  1. Curvy-Elegant Frames | Sacramento, San Francisco Wedding and Portrait Photographer

    August 22nd, 2011 at 6:41 am

    To see a client’s order of our New Curvy-Elegant Frames, click link


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