May 8, 2018

Abel and Lauren | Folsom Engagement Photographer

How they met…

“I was in undergraduate school in Texas and came home for Christmas break my junior year. I decided to go up to Lake Tahoe with my best friend from kindergarten, who was meeting her friends from San Diego State up there for NYE. We joked the whole way up about me meeting this guy named Abel and how it would be so funny if we hit it off. Me, being too practical, said that would never happen and I would never start a long distance relationship. We met up with her friends and Abel didn’t even introduce himself to me at first. He was being shy (he says playing hard to get ). We were all hanging out playing games, and drinking beer, but I didn’t like beer and I noticed Abel had brought tequila and that sounded way better to me. So I went up and introduced myself just to get a better drink. We ended up talking the rest of the night, he was my 2013 New Year’s Eve kiss, and we kept in contact ever since. We texted, and talked on the phone for 3 months before I went to see the same friend (and Abel) for spring break. Then he drove from Texas to Sacramento with me and a friend that summer before we finally decided we might as well try a long distance relationship. We did 1.5 years Texas to San Diego, 1 year San Francisco to San Diego, and 2.5 years San Francisco to Sacramento. As of 1/12/2018 we will be officially DONE with long distance and both be in El Dorado Hills.” – Lauren

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OMGoodness meet Jefe! Sooo in love.

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Abel, what do you LOVE about Lauren?

“Literally everything, she’s kind, funny, loving, caring, fancy with a casual feel, smarter then me (which doesn’t say much but you get the point), and above all her ability to trick me into thinking that she’s always right ;)”

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“I love his loyalty to me, his family, and friends. I love that he values family. I love his generosity and giving nature. I love his spontaneous personality and silly sense of humor. I love how he puts up with my crazy and still loves me.”

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“If we are being honest: A leisurely trip to Costco, perusing each isle, getting free samples, then taking our dog to a good brewery with yummy snack foods. A more normal answer: hanging out with our family/friends and dog, playing games, eating good food, laughing.”

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