Feb 9, 2021

Alise and David | Folsom Engagement Photographer

El Dorado Hills Engagement Photography

Alise and David

El Dorado Hills Engagement Photographer

“I love seeing her smile when I get home from work . I love her quirky personality that is always entertaining. She is my best friend and my favorite person. Just seeing her makes me happy. I love her passion for teaching and her kindness and compassion for others. She is always looking to improve herself and the people around her. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without her.”

“I love his kindness and that he is a helper. He always looks for people to help whenever we are out and can make friends with anyone. I love that he is down to be my travel buddy for life and forces me to try new things. I love that he drops everything for family and checks in on both mine and his. I knew I was really in love with him when he took my niece to her first father daughter dance, and when he offered to go pick up my grandparents for my sisters wedding. I love that he just accepts and deals with my OCD tendencies and lets me have as many pets as I want. I like that he listens intently when I talk about work and remembers all my students names and checks to see who had a good day and who said something funny when we sit down for dinner. I love that every summer he helps me decorate my classroom even when I ask him to fix the same bulletin board border more than once. I love that he is supper patient and always knows when to feed me so I don’t get hangry. I love that he lets me decorate our home however I want and doesn’t mind when I fill our place with all the decorations for all the holidays. I love that he always supports my dreams and most of all I love that he is my best friend and that I get to come home to him every night.”

Folsom Engagement Photos Folsom Engagement Photography

“We are both looking forward to spending time with our friends and family and celebrating the official start of our lives together.”

Folsom Engagement Photographer



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