Jun 30, 2016

Brittney and Kyle | El Dorado Hills Engagement Photographer

Kyle and Brittany

El Dorado Hills Wedding Photographer


It was his Mom’s birthday. They had a small group of family and friends over for dinner and Kyle’s mom and Brittany were in the kitchen finishing dinner. Brittany was changing the music when Kyle came in with Dakota (their super cute doggy), who had the ring around her neck. He was trying to get their attention, but it took a little work. His mom realized what was going on before Brittany did. After calling Brittany’s name a few times, she finally looked down, and saw Dakota with the beautiful ring.

“It was so unexpected and absolutely perfect. His mom said “I got the best gift for my birthday! a daughter!”

El Dorado Hills Wedding PhotographyEl Dorado Hills Engagement Photography

Kyle, what do you LOVE about Brittany?

“What don’t I love is the better question, her mere essence makes the world rotate, for she is a lighthouse amongst a foggy coastline and I am a sailor looking stuck amidst the doldrums of the cold, windless sea, her humble heartbeat shines through the warm welcoming light and gives me the will to row to her loving arms. Boom.”

El Dorado Hills Engagement PhotographerFolsom Engagement PhotographerFolsom Engagement Photography

Brittany, what do you LOVE about Kyle?

“He is always seeking for adventure. I love our trips to the sand and the desert, finding old ruins and caves, His personality is endless, and there is never a dull moment. He is my perfect match in all ways possible. I love that he is goofy. I love how he dances, completely ridiculous, but not a care in the world and so much fun. It’s one of my favorite things to do with him. I love that he is a man’s man. He shows his sweet side every once in a while, and its completely adorable.”

Folsom Wedding PhotographyFolsom Wedding Photographer

Brittany and Kyle, I had a ton of fun with the two of you during your engagement session. Looking forward to your wedding later this year!

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