Oct 1, 2014

Caleb and Kristina | Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

I had a wonderful time photographing Caleb and Kristina’s engagement session up in Tahoe. It was so much fun hanging out with these two in Heavenly Village and then near the majestic emerald lake.

Looking forward to your beautiful Fall wedding, Kristina and Caleb!

Caleb, what do you LOVE about Kristina?

“It’s a feeling that’s easy to recognize, but difficult to describe. So much of who Kristina is is what I strive to be myself. She is such a selfless person with a big heart. She compliments me well–she’s vulnerable at times and likes me to take care of her, but when she senses a weakness in me she is the strength that I need. I love her attitude towards everything and that is what originally attracted me to her. Once she allowed me to get closer I couldn’t help but love her. Kristina doesn’t make me choose between being true to my heart and doing what’s best for me. The best thing I have in my life is loving her. She makes me excited about our future together and what we will accomplish together. I love that it’s difficult for me to pinpoint whether she’s more beautiful on the outside or the inside. She has my heart like no other has or will.”

Kristina, what do you LOVE about Caleb?

“One of the things I love the most about Caleb is that he makes me laugh. If you have met Caleb before, you know that he can be pretty hilarious. With him, I laugh on a daily basis. Sometimes with him and sometimes at him. I know that this sounds cliche, but he also makes me a better me. I am a planner and a perfectionist. Caleb brings spontaneity to my life and reminds me that I don’t always have to have a plan and even if I do, it’s okay if things don’t always go accordingly. He shows me that in life there are going to be imperfections and that those imperfections are what indeed makes life perfect. He understands who I am, in so many ways, and truly supports and strengthens me.”


What is a perfect day look like together?

“A perfect day together is any day that we can just spend some time together. We both have very busy as well as opposite schedules. An ideal day would start with us waking up together. Something spontaneous possibly, like a trip to Tahoe or the Bay. Even just a night on the couch with a good movie. We truly enjoy our time together. We like to try new things but also appreciate our go-to options.”

What are you both looking forward to the most during your wedding celebration?

We cannot wait to see everything come together! To us, our wedding day is the celebration of all we have been through together to that point and a special way to celebrate our past as well as our future. We are so excited to share this celebration with our closest friends and family, people who have supported us for many years and who will continue to do so as we become husband and wife.”

selection slideshow below


  1. Kristina Fernand says:

    Have we told you how much we love YOU!

  2. Kristina Fernand says:

    Have we told you how much we love YOU!?

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