Aug 23, 2017

Coaching emotion with wedding clients | Sacramento, Napa Wedding Photographer

I wrote an article for May’s issue of Shutter magazine for photographers.

Putting emotion into your images can set your work apart. There is something magical about an image that tells a story. Whether that story is about passion or laughter, people are drawn to these images. It’s so simple, yet very few photographers can tap into this with clients.

My journey to photographing emotional images started six years ago when I was tired of using the same poses with my wedding clients over and over. “Smile. Now don’t. Pretend you’re dancing.” Ugh. The feeling of being stuck and uninspired spurred me to change. I knew I needed to alter my photography style, but how?

It was when I dug deep that it finally hit me. I didn’t need to “pose” my clients. I just needed to help them tell their love story. And so I started building a style of photography that would drive my whole brand. Here are the steps I took to create emotional photos and build trust with clients so they could relax and become vulnerable in front of the camera.

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