Jun 30, 2020

deanna and dennis | el dorado hills engagement photographer

El Dorado Hills Engagement Photographer

Dennis and Deanna

I love that these two are always laughing! There is never a dull moment with them. From a love spank for Deanna to finding an alligator lizard in Dennis’ Air Jordan after he almost put the shoe on, we laughed all the way through their session.

El Dorado Hills Engagement Photography

“She is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. She genuinely cares that the people in her life are happy and doing well. She lets me be myself without worrying if I am doing something “uncool” or silly. She is the Bonnie to my Clyde in that she is up for anything and doing it with her is all that matters. I love that whenever I think of our near or long term future it looks a millions times better, because she is there.”

El Dorado Hills Engagement

“I love that he is lighthearted. He makes me laugh all day long! It’s either a funny face, a funny noise, a new “dance move” or sliding across the floor in his socks. His ability to keep things light and fun is one of my favorite qualities about him. He is also incredibly generous, thoughtful, has a huge heart, and will do anything for those he loves. Not to mention how crazy handsome he his, and how fiercely he loves me for who I am.”

Folsom Engagement Photographer

Hers: I’m looking forward to our first dance, it’s a special, intimate moment where the ones we love get a glimpse into our world, our bubble.
His: Sharing our love with our friends and family and enjoying the moment together.


  1. Natasha says:

    Two peas in a pod! Seeing Dennis this happy is amazing and long deserved. Wishing you two all the best and decades of marital bliss!


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