Apr 13, 2021

Delaney and Tom | Pollock Pines Engagement Photographer


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” I had just moved into a new apartment in the city of Concord and was a little scared to be living alone. The night before our first date I swore I heard someone at my window walking around in the ivy that was all over the ground. I got really scared and after a few minutes I was positive there was a person standing at my window but I was too scared to open the blinds and look. I ended up calling the police (they never showed up) and then being freaked out for the whole next day. I told Tom about this on our first date and he went with me to pick out a baseball bat to defend myself just in case. As we returned to the apartment I wanted to show him where I thought I heard the noise and as we walked up to the window, we heard it again! Tom opens the window and looks out with his flashlight and it turns out it was a giant mama raccoon and her babies! We still joke about the time I called the police on a family of raccoons out my window.” – Delaney

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“One thing about us, as far as our “love language” goes, both of us value actions and think that shows the most how much we love each other. So, unlike some married and engaged couples we know, we don’t have countless lovey dovey instagram posts describing our love to our friends and family or call each other “baby” or “sweetheart” (no hate to the couples that do either of those things!). Instead, we both value each other’s actions and effort in the relationship.”

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Placerville Engagement Photography

“I love that Tom always says “I love you” each time before he leaves the house and goes to work. I love that he’s been super attentive and caring throughout my entire pregnancy and very understanding (he has made multiple emergency trips to the grocery store to get me Cinnamon Buns or Banana Split Ben & Jerry’s). When my feet hurt, I don’t even have to ask and he will rub my feet. He also always makes me laugh and has such a quick wit!”

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