Feb 14, 2024

Joe and Shelby | Sacramento Engagement Portraits

“Joe and I both worked in Fantasyland Attractions at Disneyland! We had worked together about a year or two before really getting to know each other and becoming friends. Joe comforted Shelby through a break up and showed his compassionate side which really opened Shelby’s eyes of what a good man looks like. The rest, is history.”

Sacramento Engagement Photographer

Sacramento Engagement Photography

“Shelby’s family has a Harvest party every year to pick their wine grapes on their property. Friends and family come to help pick and then we party! This past year, Joe’s parents joined for the first time as well as his sister and their aunt so it was a full family affair. It’s not often that both sets of family are in the same place at the same time as Joe’s from Southern California and Shelby is from Northern California. Joe had been planning for a few months and wanted to “recreate” a picture of one of their previous Harvest parties where they are both picking grapes in the same row, Shelby in the forefront and Joe in the back. With the help of Shelby’s Mom and her best friend (and now maid of honor), they got Shelby over to the row of grapes to take “pictures”. All of a sudden the music changes, and as Shelby turns around, Joe is down on one knee saying how this song (“Love you like I used to” by Russel Dickerson) really spoke to him and where they are now in their relationship and how he wants o spend the rest of their lives together. She of course said yes and the Harvest party became an engagement party!”

Sacramento Engagement Photos

“Spending time with friends and family at one of our favorite wineries. As well as starting the next chapter of our future.”



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