Dec 11, 2018

Josh and Demi | Plymouth Engagement Photographer

He told his supervisor on his first day of work that he was going to marry her….

Plymouth Engagement Photographer

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“I hope they see the love we have for each other and our kids and that we have created our happy home together.”

Plymouth Engagement Photography

“Our proposal started out shaky but turned out so beautiful. We had planned a hike on Saturday, June 9th up at Euchre Pass but our entire house ended up with the flu. I mean we were SICK. On Sunday morning, June 10th we were barely starting to feel better and Joshua insisted that we go on our missed adventure. We loaded up the Jeep, dropped the baby off at Grammy’s and drove 1.5 hours to the destination. Joshua visits this site for work but I had never been. As we pull up, the radio just happened to play “I need you” by Tim and Faith – a personal favorite song of mine (I later found out he just got lucky that it came on the radio) The site was breathtaking. The edge of the cliff is something I’ve never seen before. The view is all around and totally unobstructed. I was taking a panoramic photo and as I got to the far right side there he was on his knee. I have no idea what he said, but all I heard was “Well Babe, what do you think?” and I said yes, of course. Joshua had asked my parents permission on Mother’s Day and they gifted him my Nonni’s main diamond from her wedding band. It is so special to me.”

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“Joshua always takes time to do every task 100% correct – he never takes an easy way out. He even folds the dirty clothes in the hamper lol. He is always down for any adventure and still someone always makes me feel so safe.”

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Everything. Her smile. Personality. Sense of Humor and most of all her big heart. When she does one of her many quirks she always smiles and says “You picked me!”

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“Our perfect day together would be spent at home together and with our boys. Waking up early and snuggling on the couch, probably some cartoons on. We like to dance while cooking breakfast in the kitchen, but sometimes add donuts to our morning menu 🙂 We’ll probably spend the day outside, swimming, fishing in the creek in our backyard, piddling in the yard,working on a house project, etc. We’d wind down in the evening by cooking dinner and eating on the back deck and getting in a family game of kick ball before starting a movie, probably a kids movie that we have all seen a hundred times before.”



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