Feb 19, 2015

JR and Brian | Napa Engagement Photographer

Napa Wedding Photographer

“…We made it to the Hamptons without any issue, got lunch along the Hampton Bay, then explored Southampton, Tate’s Bakeshop, and did a wine tasting at the vineyard. We finally made it out to the point (Montauk) just before sunset. JR and I ran along the beach trying to get some nice pictures of the sunset, and then once the sun was down we strolled back towards the car along the sand. As we walked back, I asked him to sit on some driftwood so I could get his picture. He was VERY reluctant, but once he was sitting I got down on one knee and asked him.” – Brian

Napa Wedding Photography

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JR, what do you LOVE about Brian?

“I love Brian’s kind heart, his unselfishness, his ability to get me try new things, the way he can make a bad day disappear, the way he makes me laugh…and the way his face lights up when he smiles. While I hate to admit it, I do love the way he teases and flirts, and helps to motivate me into being a better person – not only physically, but mentally as well. Brian is the opposite of me in some ways – he is outgoing, loves to be the center of attention, and a true extrovert. He helps to bring me out of my shell…when its needed…which is not all of the time! 🙂  While he may not admit it willingly, Brian is also open minded to trying new things – even things he hates, like camping, eating ham on rare occasions, and even driving the speed limit once in a while!”

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Brian, what do you LOVE about JR?

“I love his quirky stubbornness, his controlled-adventureness, and his insatiable appetite for trying new recipes, food, and wine. But most of all I love his kindness and his compassion. JR is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He is shy, unassuming, and always puts others before himself. He goes out of his way to make sure that those around him (Grandma, sisters, brothers, parents, even me) feel like we are the only thing that matters to him.”

same-sex marriage

What are you both looking forward to the most during the celebration of your wedding?

“A day celebrating our commitment to each other, in the midst of family and friends….and dancing!”

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Looking forward to your big day in October, Brian and JR!



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