Mar 11, 2016

Katelyn and Bryan | Folsom Engagement Photographer

Folsom Wedding PhotographyFolsom Wedding Photographer

Bryan, what do you LOVE about Katelyn?

“I love how she can completely change my mood and make me so happy without even trying. Everything in my life is better because she is a part of it. I love how her happiness and her smile makes me happier than anything else could. I love how she’s always such a positive and caring person and how she makes me a better person.”

Folsom Wedding

What do a PERFECT day together look like?

“A perfect day together is really any day that we get to spend all day with each other, but if we had to choose something to do.. It would either be a lazy day of sitting on the couch watching movies and cuddling or a day spent enjoying each others company while catching some fish.”

Helwig Winery WeddingHelwig Winery Wedding Photographer

Katelyn, what do you LOVE about Bryan?

“I love that he is understanding and compassionate. He always appreciates everything that I do, even if i fail horribly. I LOVE that he makes me laugh on days that I don’t even feel like smiling. Just a hug from him can brighten my day. I love that he is always there to support me, weather it is with school, sports, or just daily life. He is my number one fan. But most of all I love that he communicates with me because I believe that is one of the biggest reasons that we make it through life together.”

Helwig Winery Wedding PhotographyEl Dorado Hills Wedding Photographer

What are you both looking forward to the most during your wedding celebration?

“We are looking forward to finally becoming husband and wife and to having all of our friends and family there to celebrate our commitment to each other on our special day, Also being able to make our wedding day a day full of lasting memories.”


Bryan and Katelyn, looking forward to you beautiful wedding day this September!



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