Jun 13, 2023

Kyle and Jessica | Folsom Engagement Photographer

Folsom Engagement Photographer

Kyle and Jessica

“We were vacationing in Hawaii and we decided to do a sunset beach picnic for Valentines Day. We got some food and a bottle of Prosecco from the grocery store and headed down the beach. It was a little secluded so we didn’t have a lot of people around. We listened to music and watched the whales breach. The sun went behind another island and I thought we were cleaning up. I turned around and he was on one knee but I thought he was giving me the Prosecco wrapper. I finally saw what it was and I couldn’t stop crying.”

Folsom Engagement Photography Folsom Engagement Photos

“I love how he takes care of me and how compassionate he is. He would drop everything for me if I asked and he makes sure Im as happy as possible. He remembers the little things that I like and he makes me feel special and loved.”

Folsom Photographer Folsom Portrait Photographer

“I love how giving she is and how much she loves. She’s very kind to me and all of our pets. She gets along really well with my family and we take care of each other.”

Folsom Portrait Photography

“Getting to spend time together at the sweetheart table and having private moments together, dancing with all our friends and celebrating with our family.”

Folsom Portrait Photos



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