Nov 10, 2015

Robin and Jacob | Yosemite Engagement Photographer

Yosemite Wedding Photographer

“Around the 16 month mark, I knew I wanted to marry Robin… It was just the matter of when and how… I wanted it to be special.”

Yosemite Wedding Photography

“At the time we were living in Utah and I was going to San Jose on a business trip, and let my parents know I was going to be in California, and they drove down from Sacramento to have dinner with me. Half way through dinner my mom hands me a ring. It was my grandmothers ring from the 1930’s, she had passed away three years ago. My dinner ended there, I sat staring at the ring for an hour. I flew home to Utah two days later, wanting to ask her in the airport as soon as I saw her, but parking was crazy so I met her on the curb, also, I hadn’t asked her dad for his blessing yet (which was a MUST for me). Two months passed and still no fiancée, I was still waiting for the right time. One day we planed a nice dinner out to a 5 star restaurant and I knew it was my chance. Three days before the proposal, I still hadn’t asked her dad for his blessing. Her parents were still in Italy on vacation for thee weeks! I tried multiple times to reach them by phone with no luck. The day before we went to dinner I got a call from out of the country at 6:30 am. Luckily Robin was in the shower. I was half dressed, buttoning up my shirt, running out the back steps so I could have some privacy to talk. When I asked her father if I could marry Robin he said yes, and I cried on the phone to her parents that morning. We went to dinner and had a wonderful time, we both really enjoyed everything we ate and drank. We couldn’t have been happier, or so we thought… During dessert, she went to the restroom and I knew it was my only chance to get the ring out of my pocket with out letting on to what I was planning. When she sat back down, I started telling her how much I loved her and how she makes me so happy and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, she said the same. Because the booth was awkward, I couldn’t slide out very easily so I just sat there gazing into her eyes and asked right then! I waited for a reply and when it came it was the most amazing single word I have ever heard. YES!! Needless to say, dessert didn’t get finished. Now every time we go to “our” restaurant, we get our favorite table.” -Jacob

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Robin, what do you LOVE about Jacob?

“I love Jacob for everything he is. He is a very smart man. I can ask him any question and he always has an answer for me. I love his smile when he is tired and also when he is being crazy. I love that we can sit in a car on long rides and never run out of things to talk about. I love that he is always excited to talk about the future or what is ahead of us. I love that when I am sick or ill he is always there to take care of me or bring me things when I don’t want to move (sometimes even when I’m not sick!!). He takes very good care of me, and I love that he makes me feel wanted all the time. He always makes sure to tell me I am beautiful every day, and I love that. I love the way he smells after a long day of work, and also right out of the shower. I love that he likes to cook and do yard work while I will do laundry and clean the house. I love that on my bad days, he is there to remind me not all days will be this way. He is everything to me. I love everything about him, even when he is trying to be a meanie and stick his finger in my mouth while I yawn! Jacob has made me a better person, and I love him for that.”

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Jacob, what do you LOVE about Robin?

“EVERYTHING!!! I love her Soul, her smile, her laugh, her personality. I love how she makes me a better person and always wants me to do better. I love how she tells me the truth about my cooking, always telling me it was wonderful, with some suggestions to better it for next time. I love how she makes me laugh, how she makes me feel feelings I have never had. I love how she wants adventure, as long as I’m by her side. I love how we both people watch and quietly judge or criticize Joe Shmoe walking down the street. I love how she is always there, on my good days and on my bad days. Never shying away. She is there for me always even after knowing my darkest secrets. I love how we can talk about plans for our future, and what we want in life. I love her feet, her hands, her smell, her kisses. Out of all these things, what I love the most is Her!”

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Looking forward to your beautiful Fort Bragg wedding next year, Jacob and Robin!

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