Jul 2, 2019

Shutterfest 2019 | California Photography Educator

California Photography Educator

Third year, and it keeps getting better and better! Thank you to all who attended my classes. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions in our FB forum, Study Hall with Mariea Rummel

Big thank you to Sal, Alissa Krystal and all the staff. To the models and my assistants, thank you. Without you, there is nothing.

Big thank you to my sponsor, Bay Photo!

Also to V-flat World, Unposed Field Guide, Light in Motion and B&H

Mariea Rummel Photography Educator

Shutterfest Photography educator

Shutterfest speaker Mariea Rummel

And a few iphone snaps too…

Shutterfest teacher Mariea Rummel Saint Louis Photography Conference Saint Louis Photography Conference Mariea Rummel



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